Premium Plus

Premium Plus

Mercury Premium Plus Outboard Oil goes beyond the basic requirements of any 2-cycle marine engine to provide superior protection for mid to high horsepower engines.

Continued use provides outstanding wear and corrosion protection, minimises build-up of performance-robbing carbon deposits and maintains peak engine performance and reliability; helping to extend the life of your engine.

The unique Mercury formula exceeds the TC-W3 standards and those of all leading manufacturers of outboards, personal watercrafts, even motorcycles and other 2-cycle air or water applications; allowing for it to be used in a wide variety of non-marine engines when mixed at manufacturers recommended ratios.

Available in:

TwoStroke Prem Plus 1lt TwoStroke Prem Plus 4lt
1 Litre 92-858026K01 4 Litre 92-858027K01

10 Litre 92-858028K01

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