Outboard Emissions Labelling Scheme (VELS)

VELS (Voluntary Emissions Labelling Scheme)

Unlike Europe and USA, Australia had no emission regulations for outboards before 2007.  This meant that outboards sold in Australia have carried a confusing variety of labels.   VELS (Voluntary Emissions Labelling Scheme) has fixed that situation, now all manufacturers have a consistent emission labelling scheme.

Australia's star rating from zero to 3 star with accompanying words like "Ultra Low Emissions" make it very easy for you the consumer to make an educated purchase decision.

The VELS system is effective from 1st January 2007 and apples to new outboard engines sold in Australia.         

For further information log on to http://www.oeda.com.au/

Click for larger VELS Chart 

                    VELS Chart





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