Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Warranty Transferable? - Product Warranty can be transferable to a subsequent purchaser for the unused portion of the limited warranty period

If you have purchased this product from the original owner, provide your details to Mercury Marine to ensure you receive the balance of the product warranty. Fax or Mail your name and address details with a copy of the Bill of Sale to:

AUSTRALIA: Warranty Registration Dept, Mercury Marine, Private Bag 1420, Dandenong South, VIC 3164 or Fax (03) 9706 8038

NEW ZEALAND: Warranty Registration Dept, Mercury Marine, PO Box 204 153, Highbrook, Manukau 2161 or FAX 9 274 9844

Note: If a product is used for commercial applications at any time during the warranty period, it will only be eligible for a maximum warranty period of 12 months

My engine has never been registered, what can I do? - Send a copy of the Bill of Sale to the above address with a brief explanation.

Will using non-genuine part or oils affect my warranty? - It is quite possible that using non-genuine parts or lubricants instead of genuine Quicksilver Parts & Lubricants will affect your warranty coverage.  Unfortunately there are no guarantees that non-genuine parts/lubes meet the same standards or endurance testing specified by Mercury Marine for it's products and it is possible that your engine's performance, durability and reliabilty will suffer. The additional risk to you is that warranty coverage may be denied if a non-genuine part/lube has caused or contributed to the problem.

You may hear reassuring statements about non-genuine parts such as "these parts are identical to the genuine parts", or " these parts come with a 12 month warranty".  However, when it comes to the crunch, only genuine Quicksilver parts can offer you, and stand by, these guarantees:

  •      Factory backed warranty that covers you with 6000 Mercury dealers all over Australia, New Zealand and the world
  •      Full parts and labour engine coverage (see the Quicksilver Geniune Parts story)
  •      Your engine complies with the 3+2 Warranty Conditions
  •      Parts meet with Mercury's engineering & design standards

If it jeoparsdises my warranty, why does my repairer use non-genuine parts? - There are various reasons, two of the most common are:

  • Non-Authorised Dealer - If your repairer is not an authorised Mercury dealer, then there is no obligation to comply with Mercury recommendations and standards.  This being the case, your repairer may elect to source parts from the cheapest or most convenient source which can sometimes be a provider of aftermarket or pirate parts
  • Cheapest Price or Best Price - There is sometimes a perception that non-genuine parts are better value and can help reduce maintenance or repair costs.  In some cases (not all cases) they may be slightly cheaper, however, cheapest price does not necessarily mean best price.........

Does DIY or using a non-authorised dealer for servicing and maintenance affect my warranty? - Yes, you will become ineligible for the Mercury "+2" bonus warranty if service and maintenance is not performed by an Authorised Mercury Dealer.  You may also be risking your standard 3-Year Product Warranty if your engine experiences a problem that is deemed not to be the fault of Mercury's manufacture or workmanship.

Do I have to take my engine back to the selling dealer for ongoing maintenance and servicing? - No, any of our authorised Mercury Service Centres are able to assist with your maintenance and warranty requirements

I purchased an engine on-line, Is it covered by warranty? - Engines advertised as "new" on the internet may not necessarily be covered by Mercury's new engine warranty policy.  New Mercury products are normally sold through Authorised Dealers and undergo installation and pre-delivery by factory trained technicians to be eligible for warranty.  There is no guarantee that an engine purchased "in the box" via the internet carries any factory warranty and that it may have changed hands on several occasions.  It is advisable to have this verified by your Authorised Mercury dealer prior to purchase

What is the difference between a Commerical Application and a Pleasure Application? - The Mercury Product Warranty Policy specifies "Pleasure" use and "Commercial" use.  Pleasure refers to recreational use of a product, while Commercia is defined by:

  •      Product used in any work, boat rental, time share, patrol/rescue or employment related application, or any use of the product that generates income for any part of the warranty period.
  •      Annual operating time is not to exceed 500 hours

Examples of Commercial Applications include, but are not limited to: Search and Rescue craft, fast patrol boats, fire boats, dive boats and limited season fishing boats such as sport-fish charter boats

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